TeamMak Adventures – Paul & Karen Racovalis

Paul & Karen Racovalis joined the Amway business in the late 90′s. Paul was a fish monger and Karen was a teacher. Through utliising their TeamMak upline and Team Mak System, they achieved the Emerald level only a few years after joining and went Diamond in 2003. Here is a showcase of their lifestyle from early days to now.

Team Mak Adventures – Anthony & Tasha Pickersgill

In the latest Team Mak Adventure, Amway business owners from Perth took off to California for 4 weeks and stayed in Southern California to show their kids the wonders of Laguna Beach, Disneyland and of course…Lego Land. Anthony & Tasha got involved in the Amway business at 20 & 18 years old respectively and within 4 years they had created enough income from the work they had done to be able to leave their 9-5 jobs and focus full time on their business.

Anth & Tash Pickersgill ‘California Dreaming’ Adventure from Team Mak on Vimeo.